Covid 19 Shopping List

What should I buy to prepare for the Covid 19 coronavirus pandemic ? Well, I wanted to share with you my Covid 19 shopping list of prep items for the coronavirus outbreak.


Disposable masks are sold out world wide and offer limited protection. Why not get a re-usable half mask or full mask that will last much longer.

Half Mask3M 7502 Medium Reusable Half-Mask

Filters 3M 2138 Bayonet Particulate Filter (Pack of 2)

Filters 3M SAF6160 2138 Acid Gas Filter, OEL (Pack of 20)

Water Treatment

Will the water become contaminated during the outbreak ? This is yet to be known. We have bought water filters and chlorine tablets to ensure that we have safe water.

Filtration Sawyer Products SP128 Mini Water Filtration System, Single, Blue

Chlorine PurificationOasis NaDCC Water Purification Tablets 8.5mg- 100 pieces

Life strawLifeStraw Baby Boys Personal Water Filter-1 Pack, Blue


Ensure that you’re well prepared with the below items.

Radio (wind up) – CZAING Portable Solar Powered Radio, Hand Crank AM/FM Weather Radio with Emergency LED Flashlight,Phone Charger Power Bank (Black)

Duct tape, fix anything and everything – 3M 1900S50 Value Duct Tape, 50 mm x 50 m, Black